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The Collective Resistance Podcast is hosted by the husband and wife team of Leo and Fabiola. We will be using this podcast to take a look at why we personally find ourselves resisting the general narrative of the world population. We will also explore why that same collective population is so resistant to bucking the system and embracing personal liberty and the risks associated with it.

We're back after 40 days off!  In our return episode to kick off Season 4 we lead off with a summary from Barbara Loe Fisher of where we are at in Covid-Land.  Then we talk about what all we worked with on during our hiatus.  School boards, extended family drama and interacting with old friends.  Then we dive in on some of the laws and procedural info that you have to be in the know of going into the workplace job mandate discussion and preview whats to come in Season 4!


Resources from this episode...


Barbara Loe Fisher: Forced Vaccination Was Always the Endgame -


The Greater Good Documentary (2011) -


Joe Rogan vs Dr Sanjay Gupta on CNN's Misinformation -


What You Should All Know About Covid-19 and the ADA, The Rehabilitation Act, and Other EEO Laws -


Civil Rights and Covid-19 -


Dr. Steph Young - Medical Mandates and How to Fight Back -


Peggy Hall and why All Employers are Required to Accommodate Religious Exemptions Under Title VII -







In this episode we get more in touch with people on the other side of the pandemic.  We put out some surveys to friends and took a look at their responses.  How can there be a "coming together" with the gaps that exist between us?  It's also our 30th episode and Season 3 Finale!  


We'll be back sometime in October with more episodes.


Resources from this episode...

Laura Ingraham Clip about Pandemic of the Unvaxxed:

Ex-CDC Director making comment on current CDC Mask Guidelines for Children:

Glenn Greenwald clip on Counter Measure Cost Benefit Analysis for children:

VAERS Data Source:

Harvard Pilgram on VAERS under reporting:

Experimental Vaccines Require Informed Consent:

The Highwire w/ Del Bigtree Texas Rally Compilation:


In this episode we look at the full FDA approval of the Pfizer vaccine and discuss what the mainstream media conveniently left out of the coverage.  We also have some discussion around what you can do if you are facing conflict with your employer around having to get a medical intervention as a condition of employment.  


Resources from this episode....


Dr Robert Malone on The War Room discussing the FDA approval:

Wikipedia page for background information on the word "Comity":


Questions for Employer Instagram Post (Slides 4-7):


Peggy Hall Employer Mandate Q&A:


The Stew Peters Show with Resource discussing the Comirnaty Package Insert:


The Narrative is Crumbling Video:





In this week's episode we look deeper into the history of events and patents that have led us to where we are at with this pandemic-of-force.  On the eve of what could be the full U.S. approval of one of the shots, we explore the economic pressures that are motivating the powers that be to become as militant as they are getting.  


Resources from this episode...


Dr. David Martin interviewed by Vaccine Choice of Canada:

Former Asst Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Catherine Austin Fitts, Interviewed on Del Bigtree's, The Highwire:


Austalian Dr. Admits We Made A Mistake With the Spike Protein:


Dr. David Martin explains Spike Protein Depopulation Patents since 2002:


Methods for Producing Recombinant Coronavirus:


Patents Assigned to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:


Is the public asleep?  Or have they just been induced?  In this week's episode we dive in on how mind control through trauma and fear is a real thing and potentially contributing to the lack of open debate.  But even with these challenges, things appear to be rocking and rolling toward a global revolution.  We're getting excited just thinking about it.  


Resources from this episode...


How Trauma, Propaganda & Secret Government Programs Rule the World (and How Healing is Possible) -- Cathy O'Brien, Survivor of MK Ultra Programs:


Dr. David Martin Exposes the Players:


Project MKUltra on Wikipedia:


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) on Wikipedia:


In this week's episode we read through Charles Eisenstein's recent substack piece that looks at how we have modernized human sacrifice by targeting groups unjustly, to relieve the tension of the moment.  The powerful have used these techniques in the past and we must be aware of when they are operating within us now.  


Resources from this episode...


Charles Eisenstein's Substack Post from 8/1/21:



In this week's episode we share about an intense week at work and we also explore what this Pandemic may be here to do for humanity.  


Resources for this episode:


The DOJ said Employers Can Mandate?  by Peggy Hall:


Dr. Fauci mask guidance montage video:


Terrence McKenna - You Are the Smartest Person You Know:



It's V vs Un-V.  Or at least that's how they want it to seem.  In today's episode we take a look at the big push that is splitting the world down the middle, all while world leaders lie to our face without any data to justify their positions.  Sounds like just another day in pandemic politics.  We also look at a report that was generated back in 2010 that seems a little too prescient.  And of course I can't escape a couple technical difficulties along the way.  


Resources from this episode:


Del Bigtree's The Highwire Report from 7/22/21:


This Week with Polly and Mary:


Sayer Ji of responds to President Biden's remarks:


Ben Swann - Truth in Media - Europe Protest Coverage:


Harry Vox discusses the 2010 Lock Step report in an interview he did in 2014:


In this week's episode we look at discomfort around ideas and messaging.  How is discomfort actually a tool for discernment in this day and age.  We also look at the WHO and their MVP and resident billionaire. 


Resources from this episode:


The Highwire Episode with WHO Whistleblower, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger:


Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger Planet Lockdown Interview:


Reiner Fuelmich (Global Fraud Attorney) Interviewed for Planet Lockdown film:


Reiner Fuelmich (Global Fraud Attorney) Interview by Patrick Bet-David:


Innovating to Zero Ted Talk:


The Corbett Report BG Documentary:


WHO Chief Accused of Aiding Genocide:


Jeffrey Epstein ties to Gates:


FLCCC Update on Ivermectin with Dr Pierre Kory, Dr Paul Marik and Bret Weinstein:




In this episode we look at how the viral theory is being cemented by essentially admitting to the lab leak that was being censored this time last year for political reasons.  We wanted to document this very moment in the story as it unfolds.  But is it just another distraction that's keeping us from understanding that there still are no viral samples in anyone's possession? 


Resources from this episode...


Jon Stewart guest appearance:

Dr. David Martin on his Weekly Butterfly Show:

Dr. Kizzy Corbet (NIH Physician) statement on architecting vaccines off of genome sequence:

Dr. Tom Cowan's The Contagion Myth - Session 1:

Why You Can't Catch a Virus - In Silico - By Spacebusters: 


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